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How I Work - And an Update

So here I am blogging when I should probably be writing my novel. But I wanted to give you a little update in case you aren't following me on other social media. I have finished ten scenes - yay! That means I'm approximately one-fifth of the way through my book. Now, I understand that doesn't mean I'll be done in fifty days. (Since I'm writing a scene a day.) However, it does give me a lot of hope that I'll be able to get the bones of this book written down so I can go through it again.

Yes, I said go through it again. I'll have to go through and do a major rewrite. I'll have to cut a bunch of stuff, that much I know. I'll also have to beef up some scenes that I can already tell are lacking. My process, however, is just to write until I'm done and then go back and do all that. That way I don't lose the momentum.

My work space changes frequently. Sometimes I work in the basement by the light of the fireplace. Sometimes I sit in my bed and type. Other times I have the peace and quiet to sit in the living room with the cat napping in the chair next to me. I'm not the type of person that needs a dedicated work space because all my information is portable. I do need to sit near an outlet though, as I work on a laptop and my battery gets low frustratingly fast. (Probably normally fast, I just get impatient.)

So there's a little glimpse into my work life. Now I go back into my head so the words can hopefully come out my fingers and onto the screen.

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