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Soul of the Silver Tree

A wary trail guide at a Minnesota ranch who is guarding a magical secret must engage in a life-or-death struggle to unlock the mysteries of an obscure text and recover her friend’s stolen soul with an unconventional ritual.

Work in Progress (in revision) (2022)

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Knit One, Scale One

A knitting witch with a gambling problem needs to capture a dragon hatchling before the slayer kills it so she can harvest its valuable under-scale wool to knit a spell for some dangerous people to whom she owes a gambling debt.

Work in Progress (drafting) (2022)

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Honest the Brave

A timid librarian discovers a curse has been placed on the books and she has to find a way to reverse the curse before the coming eclipse or the books will be destroyed.

Work in Progress (on hold) (2022)

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Book of Caution

Work in Progress (2017) (on hold)

Rowan is a solitary mapmaker with a dangerous secret profession; she lives in the walled city of Fallspell, where magic has been outlawed ever since she can remember. She hears of a magic book that’s rumored to hold the key to undoing the curse on the city. Through magic and mayhem, Rowan and her friend Izzy explore new worlds, encounter strange creatures, and make new friends while they search for the book and try to outsmart the villainous Humphrey.

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