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8 Helpful Links for Writers

Writers are a resourceful bunch of people. We love a challenge but we also have little time to search for new resources. So, without further ado, here is a list of my favorite links, with a brief description and the reason why I love them:


This one is a no-brainer, but I had to include it because it's high on my list.


I’m giving away one of my best-kept secrets. I love this site. I use it all the time, to name characters or come up with town names. It also has description generators and even plot generators.

I just got started on this website but it’s filled with helpful tips on writing magic systems and fantasy worlds in general.


They have discussion boards that are very helpful. They also have a critique partner match program that I used to find my CP, with whom I’m been exchanging chapters for about a month now.


Okay, this one is more of a podcast but they do have some information on their website. Great, informational, and entertaining podcast. I listen every chance I get.

These worksheets have saved my butt more than once. My favorites are Love Your Antagonist, Scene Writing, and What Next.

I just rediscovered this one. It’s a list of occupations from the English Census throughout history. In case you write fantasy or historical fiction and need a job for a character that isn’t peasant or knight.

A great resource if you’re querying.

I hope you find these links useful. If you have more to add, send me an email and maybe I’ll do another post in the future and include yours.

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