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Instagram for Writers, Part II

You have some idea of how to use Instagram but you don’t know what to post. I am frequently in the same boat, as I am just learning how to use Instagram as an author.

Here are some helpful tips on how to create excellent content:

Mine your writing journal for ideas.

If you don’t have one, I’d recommend you start soon. I thought a writing journal was just a place to write down what you’d done and what you were going to do on your latest piece. But I soon discovered that I could write nearly anything, and I’ve come up with some excellent content from it.

Ask questions

Think of a great question and ask it in an Instagram post (with plenty of appropriate hashtags). That will increase your follower engagement and will be fun for both you and your followers. Again, if you need inspiration, go to your writing journal or try a google search.

Share a little of your writing

Maybe you have a favorite line or a bit of dialogue. Or maybe you have a short poem or piece of a poem you could post. Again, remember your hashtags.

Promote, but do it sparingly

People want to see interesting content perhaps 80% of the time and promotions about 20%.

Be aware of graphics

Think about how your posts will look as a whole, when viewed on your page. You don’t want them to look all cobbled-together. You want to have a general theme, whether that be color, mood, or some other theme.


Like I mentioned in a previous article, post frequently and CONSISTENTLY. I think the consistency is the important part here. You probably don’t need to post every single day but you do need to constantly remind your followers that you’re still there and that they should engage with you on a regular basis.

Best of luck to you on your Instagram journey. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. Don’t be afraid to start promoting your work!
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