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An Interview With Lenny

Hi Lenny. You're the Main Character in Jessica Bruyere's currently untitled Work in Progress about stolen souls and friendship. We'd like to know a little more about you. We'll start with some basic questions and move on from there. Does that sound okay?

Lenny: Sure, I guess so.

Interviewer: Okay, so what do you do for a living?

L: I'm a trail guide at the Silver Tree Ranch

I: And what does that mean? What do you do?

L: I take people out on horseback riding adventures, anywhere from one-hour rides to a whole weekend. I'm responsible for their enjoyment of the ride, of course, but also for their safety and the safety of the horses.

I: It sounds like you really enjoy horses. Are you a people person, too?

L: Only when I'm at work. Otherwise, not so much. I don't have much patience for people when I'm not helping them with something.

I: I think many of us can relate to that. Tell us a little about your appearance. I know that in your novel, mirrors are outlawed. Say a little about that, too, and how that affects your life.

L: I don't pay much attention to my appearance, to be honest. I'm of average height, I'm pretty strong, and I have chestnut brown hair that I usually keep in a braid so it's out of my way. I've never seen myself in a mirror or in a picture thanks to the Order outlawing mirrors. They did that because only those people who have won a soul are able to see themselves in mirrors. And the Order likes to have control over everything and everyone.

I: Fascinating. What else can you tell us about your relationship with the Order?

L: I used to just stay under their radar but ever since my accident I've had to work hard to keep my secret from them.

I: That sounds like a challenge. What can you tell us about your best friend, Val, and your relationship with her?

L: Val and I have known each other since we were kids. We went to Lexworth Arcane Academy for Souls together and kept each other sane while we were there. We got into trouble together and got out of trouble together. We've stayed friends ever since. I would do anything for her.

I: It sounds like that's about to be tested. How are you and Val thrown into this story together?

L: Val wins the only soul at the quarterly Soul Lottery. She then has it stolen. As her appointed Dawnguard, which is a fancy way of saying companion, it is my job to help her get it back. That's how the whole adventure starts. We were close before but now we're inseparable. I'm her only hope at this point.

I: What is it about Val that makes her that kind of friend?

L: I suppose it's because she's a little more fragile than I am. She cries more easily, she gets overwhelmed at smaller things. I feel the need to help her because I'm the stronger of the two of us. She's good for me because she softens up my rough edges a little bit. She's a better person than I am but I'm more of a fighter when I feel something is wrong in the world.

I: Do you have any romantic interests in the story?

L: I can't tell you that! I'm a very private person when it comes to my love life. I'm not the kind of person to fall in love easily though. I think it's because I don't trust easily.

I: That's a fair answer. What about your relationship with your parents?

L: Not much to talk about there. They moved to Hawaii when I was still a teenager and I've lived on the Silver Tree Ranch property ever since. We don't talk often because my childhood was something I don't like to relive.

I: Okay, only one more question: What is your idea of your perfect ending to this story?

L: That's easy. Val gets her soul back. I get to stop being secretive about whatever happened to me after my accident. The Order stops trying to control everything and goes back to being an agency for the good of souls. Of course, for that to happen, some leadership changes would have to happen, so I'm not sure how realistic that goal is.

I: I think that's all we have time and space for right now. Thanks for agreeing to meet with me and for your honest answers.

L: Thanks for having me.

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